Paris is where our journey begins.  If you have ever set foot on French soil, you know it drips with love – love of people, love of culture, love of community.

Most of all: love of food.

Sitting in my Washington DC apartment, I cannot help but remember a little cafe – Chez Renee – that my family stumbled upon on a side street in St. Germain on quiet breezy summer evening.  Beginning with some hesitant French words that were as butchered as the Boeuf Bourguignon that would soon grace our plates and ending with countless bottles of wine amongst two tables that had merged between our American party of 3 and the Parisians to our left, we had perhaps the most memorable meal of our much anticipated trip.  The food was unbelievable, the conversation invigorating, and the sense of community across two continents overflowed.

So here I am.  Inspired to explore the beauty and power of food.  I hope you enjoy my kitchen musings, reviews of restaurant experiences, and handy kitchen and food finds.


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